True-to-life 4K images for your Bigger Picture


TEAC’s UR-NEXT is the 4K and 3D/Dual Channel recording solution you have been long waiting for!
You can record the latest 4K resolutions @ 60fps and still very popular Full HD resolutions from any surgical camera
or visualization system for complete backwards compatibility – perfect if you have 4K camera now or planning to upgrade
to 4K in the future. Paired with TEAC’s uncompromised reliability and quality, UR-NEXT 4K is the ultra-clear choice.

Catch the NEXT wave

Catch the NEXT wave


  • better Video Resolution
  • more User-Interfaces
  • higher Data Storage capacity
  • larger built-in LCD monitor


more frames per second in both 4K UHD Full HD resolutions 60fps

Dual-channel 3D / Toggle / PIP

Multiple Video Inputs



IR Remote

Up to 150Mbps for 4K
50Mbps for 1080P
Ultra mode

As low as 25Mbps for 4K
8Mbps for 1080P
ECO mode

7inch Touch Display

Patient Data

H.265 - HEVC
High Efficiency Video coding

Recording Media

Now is the time to add 4K recording with workflow enhancements including intuitive touch display control, PACS/VNA/EMR integration, printing and documentation capabilities to your O.R.. You can DO MORE, and RECORD MORE than ever before. Keep it NEXT to you and bring your surgical video recording to the NEXT level.

More Pixels x More Frames x More Bitrate


Select the resolution for comparison

Select the resolution for comparison

4x resolution 2x smoother 6x video quality

You can’t increase quality once it is lost. The UR-NEXT keeps digital images and video integrity with the best possible video recording
quality. “Video resolution” refers to the number of picture elements/pixels spread across a display unit, “Frame rate” refers to
the number of frames played per second, “Video bitrate” refers to the amount of video bits/data transferred within a second.
Get it all, in unbelievable detail.

Easier than you thought possible

UR-NEXT 4K Easier than you thought possible

Easy, one-touch 4K UHD/ FHD Surgical video recording starts here. With its excellent user interface of TEAC’s iconic front panel
control buttons, large built-in TOUCH display, multitasking JOG-DIAL, wireless-remote and its intuitive operation, you’ll quickly
become a PRO when it comes to the video recording. UR-NEXT is the recorder you will wonder how you ever lived without.
70 years strong of TEAC in recording and playback technologies.
* Remote control via the external touch display, tablet device, RS-232C serial command will be supported.

A perfect blend of good design and function

Add more connectivity without complications

Add more connectivity without complications

Maximize connectivity and integration capabilities, yet still operate with the touch of a button to start video and audio recording and automatic file-transfer, it now works wirelessly. Become a HUB for any video source, while supporting Card/Barcode Readers, Medical Printers, DVD/Blu-ray Writers, Bluetooth Devices and interface to Network Drives (SFTP/ CIFS/ SMB), PACS, VNA, EMR, HIS and TEAC Content Management Systems (SURGEONE: sold separately).

Streamline your workflow with our integration capability

Streamline your workflow with our integration capability

It is designed to simplify tasks and enhance your overall job experience by performing flawlessly in mission critical situations
of a busy Operating Room. You can remotely access, view and control the UR-NEXT 4K with the touch of a button.
Our deep integration approach ensures a comprehensive and interconnected workflow, allowing a visualization system to work
together efficiently. It conveniently let you start & stop video recording, playback even while case is open, and push recordings
to the secured network space, including PACS/ VNA.

PACS ・ VNA ・ EMR Integration made easy

PACS . VNA . EMR Integration made easy

The UR-NEXT supports DICOM integration to PACS, VNA, EMR, EHR, and other standard protocol health information systems,
making it the ultimate in supporting workflow integration. TEAC Recorders have a long and proven track record for use as DICOM
Gateways, allowing for reliable and automated transfer to PACS, providing a truly affordable solution for connecting your existing
(even non-DICOM) Modalities, Surgical Microscope, Laparoscope, Endoscope, and Arthroscope Systems to any PACS or VNA.
With UR-NEXT, Multiframe DICOM images/ Cine loops and DICOM videos are also supported.

Store securely, always ready

Store securely, always ready

The sensitive health information maintained by health care providers has become an increasingly attractive target for cyberattacks.
HIPAA covered entities must implement strong data security safeguards in their environments to ensure the confidentiality, integrity,
and availability of ePHI (Protected Health Information). To achieve this goal, UR-NEXT offers all necessary features, such as user account control, data encryption at rest and transition, session timeout, audit trail, data export disablement and OS hardening (Read-Only). Designed to facilitate the ever-growing need for secure yet enhanced sharing and access to a patient’s overall health picture.

* Requires Firmware T2.06.0 or later

More features are coming. Time for an upgrade

More features are coming. Time for an upgrade

TEAC has pursued the highest level of technology for recording and playback since its foundation. In the past few years,
the technology required for the medical field has significantly changed. With the continued growth of Minimally Invasive and
Microscopic Surgery and Hybrid O.R., having very reliable video recording and playback solution has never been more critical.
TEAC always listens and works together with our customers and partners and develops and markets what customers want.